Our present way of work has become so hyperconnected and situational landscapes change so fast that sometimes it’s hard to feel human anymore and harder still to connect and collaborate with other people. This feeling of alienation and frustration affects leaders even more.

Our purpose

At the Schuitema Group we serve to:

  • Help leaders define how the enterprise makes a contribution to the world.
  • Provide processes that enable peers to set each other up to succeed.
  • Enable leaders to Care for and Grow their subordinates.
  • Provide individuals with the tools to become Secure and Fulfilled.

Our research based models for self leadership and leading others have benefit people for:

  • 30 years
  • In 27 Countries across 5 Continents
  • With 200+ Client Organisations
  • And 2500+ Interventions
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How we work

We help you choose and commit to the path to sustainable success.

In each situation – in life and at work – you make a choice between two different approaches: “What can I get out of this situation?” or “How can I contribute to this situation?”.

The choice you make reflects your intention – your purpose – and it makes all the difference. Your choice affects your surroundings and your future. And then the success of the whole organization.

We help you cultivate the right intent both for leading yourself and leading others.

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Our Services

Human Excellence through diagnostics, coaching, courses and consulting
Leadership Excellence

Effective leadership is based on trust. Schuitemas Care & Growth is the leadership model that has transformed organizations internationally for over 30 years.

Team Excellence

All teams can be safe and successful, provided that each individual is committed to supporting and helping their teammates. We show how.

Personal Excellence

The path to Personal Excellence is based on a changed mindset – in a revolutionary way. The result? Confident people who grow and want to take responsibility.

Organizational Excellence

In a successful organization, people work together for a higher purpose. Schuitema’s methodology creates the conditions for a future-proof organization, from the inside out.

Agile Excellence

Agile approach gets a boost when combined with Schuitema’s models. The effect: Safer, more secure and more successful development processes.


Our promise

We will help you feel secure and fulfilled in the contributions you make. This is the building block for workplace cultures where people are

  • Confident in themselves
  • Committed to their roles
  • Believe in the purpose of the business
  • Want to take responsibility
  • Driven to contribute

This is the key to future-proof organisations that can find the path of success through hyperconnected, fast changing, hi-tech low-human landscapes.

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Our Team

Schuitema in Australia
Hasnain Razwi
Contact number: +61-423-239-157
Clint Whyte
Contact number: +61-419-328-498

The Schuitema Team in Australia has extensive experience in personal and leadership coaching and is supported by the the global Schuitema Group (please read more on our international site) . We work both digitally and physically around the country.

Our biggest fear is a world of work without meaning and this why we do what we do.